5 tips for storing your adhesive tapes


26 September 2018


Understanding adhesive tapes

Before getting to the tips for storage, let’s have a closer look at adhesive tapes to understand them better. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape is a major category of adhesive tapes and is a relatively thin flexible material with single or double sided coating. There are two forces at play in adhesive bonding: adhesion and cohesion – each also, at the molecular level.

Chemical materials like rubber, acrylic or silicon used in the adhesive can have their bonds broken down by 4 simple factors:

  1. Environment
  2. Temperature
  3. Applied Pressure
  4. Time

Now let’s move on to the tips for storing your adhesive tapes considering the factors above.


Our best tape storage tips 

The first step is to always follow the recommended storage condition from the manufacturer. Proper storage not only extends the shelf life of your tape, but ensures its effectiveness and saves you money in the long run.

So how can you keep your tape inventory fresh and optimal as the first day you bought it?

  1. Store your tapes somewhere away from the sunlight, particularly near windows. Ultraviolet light can even penetrate the packaging with time.
  2. Store your tapes in a cool place; the cooler the better, preferably 25°C or cooler. (The ideal place would to be in an air conditioned room)
  3. Also, make sure to keep it dry. Even the presence of moisture in the air can contribute to a chemical reaction. Keep your tape inventory away from damp places.
  4. Have a system for cycling your tapes. You should store your inventory in such a way that you are able to keep track of when each lot was delivered, so that you can always use the oldest tape first. For example, the first in, first out (FIFO) storage method.
  5. Find out from your supplier what a safe height would be to stack the cases of tape and the skids on top of one another. Certain tapes can be crushed and badly damaged when the boxes are overloaded. Ideally, the storage should be on racks and take up just one skid.


With these storage tips, you will now be able to pay attention to the variables that will maintain your adhesive tapes quality and ensure it is always ready to use for your job applications. To know what applications is best suitable for our main product the Panther Gaffer Tape, check out our previous blog post here.

Panther Tapes X Lasalle College of the Arts


28 August 2018


Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that Panther Tapes will be an official partner for the upcoming Rock and Indie Festival (RIF) 2018.  This event is organized by Laselle College of the Arts which is happening on Saturday 8 September, 4pm.


So what is this event about?

The constitution last year exceeded the threshold with its mélange of independent rock and indie music from various homegrown artists. This includes Lasalle’s very own students and alumni members. Following it’s forerunner, this year’s RIF 2018 event will once again take place on the grounds of Lasalle’s campus. To cater to the multitude of musicians and performers, there will be multiple stages set up around the campus. Festival goers will be able to enjoy an evening of fantastic local music and good vibes.

Best of all, admission for the event is totally free! For more information about Lasalle click here.


Through this event, the team at Panther Tapes wishes to show our advocacy for the local community in the Arts & Entertainment industry. We are happy giving whatever support we can and doing our part to help.

We will also be giving out free samples of our gaffer tapes and fluorescent spike tapes during the occasion. These two kinds of adhesive tapes are frequently used for marking dance floors, film production sets or theatre stages in the Arts & Entertainment industry. The prices for these professional tapes are usually exorbitant, considering the fact that it is an essential tool for most project applications. At Panther Tapes, we guarantee that you will be getting more than you bargained for as our prices are not only affordable, the products we offer are of an industry standard.

For more of our product information and to shop online, visit our online store www.panthertapes.com/products. For wholesale orders, kindly contact us for best quote.

Mark your calendars people, and get ready to enjoy an awesome evening happening only once a year!

If you can’t fix it, Panther Duct Tape it!


17 August 2018


I am sure you guys know how essential duct tape is, for both personal and professional use. What started out as a repair tool for the military during World War ll has truly become the ultimate all-purpose DIY tool for every home, office, storeroom or workplace. It is extremely conformable for long lasting jobs due to its strong adhesion strength and resistance to weathering.

Our Panther Duct Tape is a cloth duct tape for all general purpose jobs. Being really affordable and durable, there is no reason for you not to keep one in your home, car or simply by your side. (Who knows, it might even help to save your life one day!) The Panther Duct Tape is the most comprehensive tool for holding, seaming, sealing, fixing and bundling.

We are extremely excited to announce that our Panther Duct Tape will be made available by the end of this month. This product is specially catered to our clients whose taping applications require a higher adhesive strength. (Especially for those in the AV industry or doing industrial maintenance where you will be doing a more permanent taping job)

Features include:

  • Good adhesion
  • Quick stick
  • Waterproof backing
  • Weather resistant
  • Hand tearable
  • Good tensile strength
  • Strong cloth backing
  • Multi-purpose use

This is truly the tape to get if you can’t fix it!

Most importantly, if you are having trouble choosing between our gaffer tape and duct tape for your job applications, you should check out our previous blog post here to understand better the suitable taping applications for the Panther Gaffer Tape.

Panther Tapes will continue to strive by taking little steps along the way to improve our product line and cater to every taping need. Check out our constant updates on our facebook page.

Have fun taping, together let’s all #panthertapeit!

Is Panther Gaffer Tape the right tool for your job?


19 July 2018


Here are the few things to consider for any gaffer tape:


1. Your taping jobs are non-permanent

Panther Gaffer Tape is best for non-permanent uses as it is easy to remove and leaves no residue behind. It is perfect for AV events or conventions when you need to remove the tape from the floor or in the film & entertainment industry for marking positions on set. This comes in handy when you cannot damage the surface beneath the tape.

2. You are working in a high heat environment

Panther Gaffer Tape is able to resist high heat temperatures. It is ideal for securing cables and props that are exposed to the bright, hot lights of camera work during film productions. It is also suitable to secure air-conditioning units which are constantly generating hot air.

3. Non-light reflective jobs

Panther Gaffer Tape is vinyl coated and comes in black with a matte finish. It is perfect for securing cables or props that need to remain invisible under the lights of a photography/film set or from the view of a theatre audience.

4. Does your job require you to move about?

Panther Gaffer Tape is suitable for working on the go as it can be torn by hand. This is the ideal tape for a short-term set-up during trade shows or live events.

5. Does your job require any equipment?

Panther Gaffer Tape is suitable for doing quick ad hoc fix from temporarily attaching fixtures, props or equipment stands to salvaging a broken piece of production equipment. With less flexibility,
it is perfect for situations in which you need the tape to hold its shape.
For more product information and to shop online for all our products, kindly visit our online store here. Panther Tapes, the solution to your taping needs.