Is Panther Gaffer Tape the right tool for your job?
Gaffer Tape
Is Panther Gaffer Tape the right tool for your job?

Gaffer Tape


Here are the few things to consider for any gaffer tape:


1. Your taping jobs are non-permanent

Panther Gaffer Tape is best for non-permanent uses as it is easy to remove and leaves no residue behind. It is perfect for AV events or conventions when you need to remove the tape from the floor or in the film & entertainment industry for marking positions on set. This comes in handy when you cannot damage the surface beneath the tape.


2. You are working in a high heat environment

Panther Gaffer Tape is able to resist high heat temperatures. It is ideal for securing cables and props that are exposed to the bright, hot lights of camera work during film productions. It is also suitable to secure air-conditioning units which are constantly generating hot air.


3. Non-light reflective jobs

Panther Gaffer Tape is vinyl coated and comes in black with a matte finish. It is perfect for securing cables or props that need to remain invisible under the lights of a photography/film set or from the view of a theatre audience.


4. Does your job require you to move about?

Panther Gaffer Tape is suitable for working on the go as it can be torn by hand. This is the ideal tape for a short-term set-up during trade shows or live events.


5. Does your job require any equipment?

Panther Gaffer Tape is suitable for doing quick ad hoc fix from temporarily attaching fixtures, props or equipment stands to salvaging a broken piece of production equipment. With less flexibility,
it is perfect for situations in which you need the tape to hold its shape.





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